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Kyra D. Weatherall: President and General Manager

Mrs. Weatherall has been the President and General Manager of PK Thunder Catt Incorporation of SE Wisconsin since the business idea formatted on June 11, 2007. Prior to becoming President and General Manager of PK Thunder Catt Incorporation of SE Wisconsin, she was a server assistant for Denny's from June 2011 to March 2012. From November 2008 to January 2010, Ms. Weatherall was captain of the art guild club and attend business club at Florida State College of Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida, where she study air traffic control/ physical therapy. I graduated from Waukegan high school in Waukegan, Illinois on May 25, 2004. I furthered my education in Washington DC and completed veterinary assistant in 2005. From 2000 to 2001 I worked as a janitor assistant in Yarmouth, Maine for Nancy's Cleaning Company in Yarmouth, Maine. Nancy and her husband was neighbors and family friends that owned a cleaning service and wanted help, so they asked my ma'ma and of course she sent a kid. Nancy and her husband was old and had pain problems so I worked hard and learned fast about the office spaces, building, and hospital floors. From the 1990's I had animals and by being the oldest I had chores and responsibility that I learned from an independent single strong mother. For some time I worked temp jobs and attend other colleges until I found myself and it was be a independent contractor. I enjoy animals, travling, music, working and in my spear time laughing, smiling, and talking. I love exercising, drawing, arcade games, sports, and family. So most of all I love my career and I will intend to grow.


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PK Thunder Catt Specialize IN (trying anything new cleaning wise)

Own equipment                                                                   Apartments

Weather condition                                                                 Houses

Mopping                                                                              Commercial property

Bathroom                                                                             Office spaces

Sweeping                                                                             Residential property

Removing trash                                                                  Parking-lots (Onsite Dumpster)

Vacuum                                                                               Move-INS/Move-OUTS

Window Cleaning


Okay but Just Right

"You tried the REST"


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OFFICE HOURS: Saturday-Sunday 7:00AM-3:30PM

EMERGENCY NUMBER Mr. Ricky#414-517-5315