PK Thunder Catt

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Residental Cleaning Property

Services for homes, apartments, garages, yard, senior citizen, individuals with families, condos, city-to-city etc....


Commercial Cleaning Property

Services with DEALS for office spaces, buildings, property management, move-ins/move-outs, stores, owners, etc.....


Auto-Repair Services

Offered services are brakes, oil change, tune-ups, hub- bearings, spark-plugs, wires, wheel-cylinders, brake caliper, brake lines, windows, wind-shield, locks, igintions(95 &under), & some body work , such as replacing doors, fenders, bumpers, etc.....

THERE WILL BE A$25. 00 service charge IF I COME TO YOU (Whether you want work done or NOT)

YOU BUY THE PARTS I DO THE SERVICE, my prices are fair and my work is guaranteed



"Cleaned my house" and did a "EXCELLENT JOB ON ANIMAL HAIR IN THE COUCH FOR A REASONABLE PRICE" I'm a senior citizen Milwaukee, WI area - Arthur Handel


"Cleaned my trailor with roaches that I rent out and PK Thunder Catt didn't complain but couldn't kill them all but the walls came out GREAT and I couldn't afford the dusting so she charged a set price for how ever long the job took" I'm 25-30 years old Kingslands, GA area - Marquise Hill& Tonya Hill


"Cleaned my 2 full bathrooms due to septic tank backed up. Charged me $65 for 2 hours of stuff. The SERVICE was GREAT & She looked GOOD & took the trash with her" Im a engineer still working senior citizen Jacksonville, FL area - Peter E.